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Contains over 3000 Cross-Referenced Verses from the Qur’an and the Bible

Promotes Understanding

Feel the harmonizing power of the Qur'an and Bible scriptures to bring the world together.

  • Based on the idea that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have much in common.
  • Lets us learn from one another.
  • Helps build a bridge toward greater peace and understanding.
  • It appeals to the spirit of reconciliation among the world's religions.
  • Read over 3000 cross-referenced verses among the Bible and Qur'an scriptures
  • All scriptures are completely searchable.
  • Enter a key word or phrase, and receive every instance and citation in both scriptures side by side.
  • An invaluable tool for all people seeking deeper understanding.

Powerful & Unique

The Bible Qur'an app gives unique (and necessary) perspective on the value of these two major scriptures: the Qur'an and the Bible.

Based on Ground-breaking Book

by Safi Kaskas and David Hungerford


Drs. Kaskas’ and Hungerford’s underlying motivation for the translation and inclusion of the extensive footnotes are not intended to promote a particular school of Islam or Christian apologetics. These exist in abundance. 

Their goal is to build bridges of better understanding, undermine radicalism and enlighten ignorance.